Food Technology

Food Technology encourages students to cook creatively, appreciate different ingredients, and provides them the skills and confidence to cook for themselves and others.

Students will also gain an increased awareness and understanding of social, moral, ethical and environmental issues that relate to food production.

What do students study in Food Technology?

Year Topics Studied 
Year 6 & 7
Cycle A


Autumn: Introduction to Health and Safety. Using equipment – eat well plate. Basic cooking skills – measuring ingredients, following a recipe.

Spring: Vitamins and healthy eating – cooking healthy dishes. Following recipes.

Summer: Food allergies. Design and host afternoon tea.

Year 6 & 7
Cycle B

Autumn: Healthy and Safety. Using equipment. Food for celebrations.

Spring: Understanding carbohydrates and fats. World food.

Summer: Design and host a small buffet.

Year 8 & 9Cycle A

Autumn: Health and Safety – hygiene and using equipment. High and low risk foods.

Spring: Fast food. Cooking on a budget.

Summer: Design and host a two course meal.

Year 8 & 9
Cycle B

Autumn: Health and Safety – hygiene. Understanding nutritional information.

Spring: Introduction to hospitality industry. Preparing batch cooking – costing and profit.

Summer: Design and host food for a corporate event.

Food Technology