Art helps students to express themselves and think creatively, it also helps them to consider complex thoughts and feelings.

Students will learn many techniques and methods of creating art, through experimentation and trying different materials. They will research traditional and contemporary artists and range of cultures.

What do students study in Art?

Year Topics Studied 
Year 6 & 7
Cycle A


Autumn: Landscape artists and landscapes.

Spring: Portraits. Crafts and clay.

Summer: Crafts and clay. My Art (self-expression project).

Year 6 & 7
Cycle B

Autumn: Sill life. Aboriginal art.

Spring: Cubism.

Summer: Mixed media. My Art (self-expression project).

Year 8 & 9Cycle A

Autumn: Banksy and graffiti art. Recycled art.

Spring: Sculptors and sculptures.

Summer: Journeys. My Art (self-expression project).

Year 8 & 9
Cycle B

Autumn: Lowry. People and places.

Spring: Masks (Greek and Venetian). Pop artists.

Summer: Pop Art. My Art (self-expression project).