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Curriculum Overview

All students study the full National Curriculum, with a strong daily focus on English and Maths. They also enjoy daily shared and private reading sessions, which are planned into our curriculum.

Parents and carers are sent information regarding their child’s timetable and lesson content each term. They can also get more information by contacting staff at info@lotusschool.co.uk

We provide a highly differentiated and personalised curriculum of study to meet the needs of each student. We offer three curriculum pathways within each Key Stage:

Preparing to Learn

This pathway is for students displaying a high level of dysregulated behaviour, and consists of a high percentage of therapeutic interventions, in order to support their ability to engage and manage within a classroom setting.

Students have shorter learning periods and more time for sensory breaks, and there is a strong focus on basic Numeracy and Literacy. Key Stage 4 students take Entry Level qualifications in English and Maths and a number of ASDAN awards.

Engaging Successfully in Learning

These students continue to have planned therapeutic interventions, but also access the classroom environment full time and a full, but highly differentiated, curriculum.

At Key Stage 2 and 3 there is an emphasis on Numeracy and Literacy, particularly reading. During Key Stage 4, students take part in community based projects and sit Entry Level 3 or Level 1 Functional skills in English, Maths and Science, plus a BTEC Level 1 qualification; they also have the option of taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme.

Thriving in Learning

Students continue to have planned daily therapeutic interventions, but also access a range of formal curriculum subjects in both Key Stage 2, 3 and 4.

During Key Stage 4 they take part in work experience, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award, and have the option to sit GCSEs or equivalent in English, Maths and Science, and BTEC Level 1/2 qualifications in two other subjects.

Connecting to the World Around Us

Becoming a successful adult is not only about classroom education, but also about taking part in cultural experiences in the wider world and linking the learning undertaken in school to real world situations.

With this in mind every student enjoys experiences outside of the classroom. These can involve visiting local attractions, such as Marton Mere nature reserve, seeing performances at Winter Gardens or visiting the Judges Lodgings in Lancaster. 

All students take part in at least one of these experiences each term, which are linked to Creative Curriculum projects, and completed as part of their Curriculum offer.