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Curriculum Overview

Curriculum intent for Lotus learners:

  • Prepare students for life
  • Embed basic literacy & numeracy
  • Build social & emotional skills and develop mental wellbeing
  • Provide access to the National Curriculum so that all students can access qualifications at some point in their education
  • Tailor learning to students’ baseline & build from there

Every subject within the curriculum will:

  • Include National Curriculum objectives tailored to Lotus student needs
  • Work towards a qualification
  • Be sequenced to build knowledge and skill over time
  • Repeat, revisit, and recall knowledge and skills regularly so that students deeply embed and remember
  • Teach reading, writing & numeracy
  • Teach skills to support & develop SEMH
  • Build in complexity each year so that students revisit knowledge & skills at a harder level
  • Assess progress meaningfully and regularly