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Year 7 Catch Up

The Catch-Up Premium provides schools with additional funding for each Year 7 student who did not achieve the ‘expected standard’ in grammar, spelling, reading and/or mathematics by the end of primary school. This funding is used to provide literacy and numeracy interventions, so that these students have the opportunity to ‘catch-up’ as quickly as possible.

Year 7 Catch Up Literacy Intervention

Our literacy intervention program improves students’ reading skills, along with spelling, punctuation and grammar through a range of activities. Students’ reading ages and spelling ability are regularly monitored using the ‘Accelerated Reader’ programme.

Year 7 Catch up Numeracy Intervention

Students are assessed through numeracy tests and their SAT results. Our numeracy intervention programme offers extra support and a personalised learning plan that helps to improve their knowledge and confidence in numeracy based activities.

Funding Allocation & Catch up Impact

As a new school we have not received Year 7 Catch-Up Premium funding this year. In the future we will publish details here of how we allocate our funding and how this impacts our students on this page.